Some things you may want to think about before using your polish!

  • I always suggest using a base coat. Base coats protect your natural nail from staining and provides something for your polish to stick to.

Glitter can be difficult to remove. A peel off base coat can make removal easy and quick. For more info regarding this Google Elmer's Base Coat or Nail Pattern Boldness' Glitter A-peel.

  • Whether you prefer to wear your glitter polish over a color or on it's own glitter application can be a little tricky. Using a dabbing method can help! Once your base color is dry simply dab the glitter in desired locations on your nail. Doing this you can place glitter where you want it.


  • Top coats are a great way to finish a manicure. Not only does it lock in your mani for longer wear it creates a glossy shine and smooths out any glitter that may not have been laying flat.


  • Crellies & Jellies are polishes that have a tinted or cream/jelly like base. These will build in 2-3 coats and make your nail line not visible.


  • All polishes should be shaken before use. Glitter sometimes tends to settle, especially bigger glitter pieces. Shaking will ensure a more well-rounded coat of glitter


  • Removal of polishes containing glitter can be challenging. One easy removal method mentioned previously was peel off base coats. A more time consuming way is using 100% pure acetone and cotton balls. But if you're in the market for a more interesting approach give the 'foil method' a try. Here's what to do:

Saturate a cotton ball in pure acetone. Place the cotton ball on the entire nail is covered. Wrap a piece of tin foil around your finger and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Then remove cotton ball and foil. Using an orange stick gently push back polish off of nail. If polish resists do not force it! This can damage your nail by peeling layers off. Instead repeat the foil method and try again. A good idea is to watch a tutorial showing these steps on YouTube.


  • Indie polish can thicken over time. A good way to fix this is to add a few drops of nail polish thinner. Do not add nail polish remover as this may ruin glitters and/or pigments used in polishes.